‘I can’t begin to rebuild’: Barrie woman struggling through lengthy fight with insurer over tornado claim

Robin Trumble lost almost all her possessions to last month’s tornado. The Barrie resident and her two teenaged sons had lived in a rented Beatrice Lane townhouse for seven years. On the afternoon of July 15, Trumble, at home alone, decided to lie down for a nap. She was listening to the rain and wind when they suddenly seemed to stop. “My dad has always said that when a storm goes dead silent, you should be concerned,” she said. “There was no noise; it was like the sound got sucked out of the room. I sat up and then it was like the house took an outward gasp. Boom, it lifted the front door and was blowing in debris. The dog and I bolted for the basement; I could hear glass breaking. It was so loud my ears hurt.” The tornado tore off about 75 per cent of the roof and all three floors were flooded. Her clothing was destroyed, along with the furniture, mattresses and appliances. Awards, kids photos and report cards and her college diploma — all gone, too. Two days after the tornado struck, Trumble’s home was deemed unsafe by the City of Barrie. Her landlord has also declared the lease a “frustrated contract,” meaning she has to vacate the property and meet a set timeline to extract contents so reconstruction can begin. But as she tries to rebuild her life, Trumble’s struggling to get a speedy resolution from her insurance company. Trumble and her kids each have $10,000 in tenant insurance through CAA, as well as $15,00 […]

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